Hi, I’m Lucinda Harman, Thought Leadership Coach. I help womyn stand in their power; find their voice without fear & step into their greatness in order to share their unique & life changing message with the world, to rise as the Thought Leaders of our time!


It is someone who speaks with authority on a matter that they are knowledgeable & passionate about.

Their message is life changing & holds great impact for those that hear it. Their leadership challenges current thinking and mindsets. They inspire, challenge & help transform the world for the better!


For most of my life I went about life to please others. Even my career path was dictated by what others wanted and expected. It was only on hitting endless hallways and total confusion that I eventually found my life purpose, power of genius and mission. I saw the generations of womyn before me that were silenced & suppressed.

They had passed over with a big message locked inside, living with regrets, never standing in their power & in silence.
The message I carried was so buried, suppressed and held within the prison I had built due to being fearful to stand, be visible and share what really was of value & in my heart. That all changed through a mighty uplevel and in so doing I found my voice, gift & message. I reclaimed all my power & strength and took up my position to be a Thought Leadership Coach, created "Voice Your Power" group and be a Transformational Speaker!


Womyn who have been silent with fear of voicing their unique message & gift. Inside they are exploding to share this but fear holds them captive. The fear is of rejection, judgement, shame & further isolation.
She knows that time is of the essence, that she doesn't want to live with regrets & that this message is heart-felt & much needed to help shift mindsets, status quos, stereotype conditioning & division in the world she lives in. She has known in her heart that she is destined for more & to make an impact in this world. She wants to live a life of prosperity, freedom, fulfilment & joy! She wishes to be live out her life purpose & thus leave a meaningful legacy for the generations to come and the world at large.


To assist womyn to find their full power & strength. Tangibly access their gift & message that is buried deep within. Have the safe space to open up, share & stand fully. Be visible with no fear of rejection or judgement. To then share their message, starting from a safe group first and then out to the world. And rise into their position as Thought Leader of our time!


To lead the "Voice Your Power" Movement to help womyn the globe over to stand, be visible, rise & join with their Womyn Tribe to bring about the much needed transformation in this world!


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