Hi there, I'm Lucinda

I am on a mission to empower women to free themselves from a past of despair & silence, in order to live their life with purpose & meaning.

My manifesto

You have the power to break the silence. You can unravel the threads of your story controlled by shame & guilt and turn it around to capture your unique essence and gifts; to magically reclaim your lost power to heal fully with self-love, acceptance and your realness. And in uncovering your True North, live out your life purpose and leave your Legacy for generations to come. I will help you rise and soar to freedom like a Phoenix!

I will show you the way!

Rediscover You

3 Steps to finding self-love, acceptance and deep gratitude. Click here to receive your FREE gift!

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Lucinda Harman

E: lucinda@netpoint.co.za
M: +27 83 440 7901