Lucinda Harman is

TEDx Speaker

Thought Leader

Personal Excellence Coach

Distinguished Toastmaster

She believes that you are your only competitor.

That your limits and conditioning can confine you into victimhood or you can rise beyond it as victor.

Would you agree that ‘You are as free as you allow yourself to be?’

Lucinda’s TEDx titled ‘Finding Freedom in Confinement’, speaks to what freedom truly is and how you too often pursue freedom externally rather than turning within.

Freedom has to do with the wise choices you make and actions you take. Always freeing yourself from circumstances and stories you have no control over. Taking your power back. You only have control over your response and then what you will do about whatever is done to you.

As per Jean Paul Sartre’ quote ‘freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you!’

“I have worked with Lucinda over the past few years and she is the consummate professional. She puts the work and dedication in to deliver the right message, helping people conquer barriers and move forward in life and in business. She is a WIN for any event.”

Willem Gouws
The Human Entrepreneur | International Speaker on Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

“Your Power Half Hour Motivational Sessions were the most informative way to introduce professional and organizational reflection and purpose to come out of 2020. Definitely more of this is needed in our corporate environment over the years to come. Thank you Lucinda for the stunning work.”

Bryan James
Sales Representative

“Lucinda is an erudite and impactful speaker when it comes to communication and leadership”

Jacques de Villiers
Author, Speaker