Hi there, I’m Lucinda. Great to meet you!

Courage, passion and determination are my driving force! And then add some colour, diversity, ‘out the box’, unlabelled, unlimited. I am a true humanitarian at heart!  I push the limits, challenge thought and love a healthy debate.  

I worked as a healer and therapist for 11 years in my home town, Cape Town, South Africa. Today I draw off this experience as a Transformational Coach.

In 2017, I founded “Voice Your Power” and Global Women Unite. Global Women Unite is a space for uniting women coaches, leaders & healers from across the Globe with a common vision of transforming the world.  

“Together we can move mountains.”

In my downtime, you will find me in nature with my animal kids, which are my family. Perhaps even up my favourite tree. I truly believe in balance and a holistic approach, thus keeping yourself fit and healthy.

And my favourite way to delight my senses, is a delicious Pinot Noir, sushi or coffee.

Do you have your bucket list close at hand? Northern Lights, a white Christmas are on mine.

My core values

Inspire & motivate all you meet. Leave others better than you find them.

Your integrity defines you, hold onto it tight.

Reclaim & own your power!

Have gratitude for all your life experiences, for they have uniquely created you.

Be courageous, passionate & authentic in your pursuits.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Live out your life fully and with purpose, leaving your legacy for generations to come.

Never let your voice be silenced.

So how did I get here? Please join me on the journey.

Abuse, discrimination and being outcast were the main thread that wove their way through my life starting from the age of two years old. I was unable to speak and so I became SILENT.

Each time I experienced or witnessed abuse or discrimination or rejection, I went into further SILENCE.

I eventually perceived the world around me as hostile, I felt ‘at the mercy of others’ and persecuted. So much so that my work and personal relationships failed, broke down and suffered. I was constantly on the defensive and waiting for the next attack. No matter what I tried or who I turned to, nothing could alleviate my pain and suffering.

And then the answer appeared: only I could transform my life and I had the power to do so!  

It was when I hit ‘rock bottom’ that I woke up. It was a matter of calling it a day or would I rise from my own ashes and transform my life. It was at this point that I got real with myself, I dived into the deep darkness within and faced every part of what trapped and silenced me.

I set myself finally free on the day that I finally told my real, unfiltered and undiluted story to hundreds of women on a live facebook group!

 I came out of silence! I found my wings to rise!

I gathered up my life purpose and Legacy which had been gathering dust and stepped into it. 

I have watched too many women pass over in silence and without living out their Legacy. Their desperation and pain was excruciating to watch.

I took on the mission to reach millions of women around the Globe, by helping them come out of silence and rise. Not to waste any more time or live with regrets, but making each day count and bringing about transformation in this World.  

The World needs powerful women leaders and women voices, starting right here and now! And it begins with you!

There is no life that is beyond repair. You have the power to rise from silence and to transform your life. It may be messy, scary, challenging yet it will be life changing, beautiful and worth every minute of it.

And each time a woman heals and speaks, she gives other women the courage, hope and strength to do the same. Our story, no matter how dark or painful, is a beautiful gift which becomes the ‘medicine’ that other women need for their transformation.

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Lucinda Harman

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