Work with me

Work with me

Do you lie awake at night restless and feeling that your life is spinning out of control?

Do you feel trapped or confined, as if in a jail within? Do you yearn for freedom, joy and peace!

Are you jumping out of bed excited and invigorated or dreading another day?

Are you able to express yourself fully? Are you comfortable within your own skin?

Do you feel as if you have a war of confusion and conflict within?

You don’t need to suffer in silence anymore! You don’t need to do this alone!

My programs are for women who have been silent with fear of showing themselves, being real and having a voice. Inside you are screaming within to speak but fear holds you captive. The fear is of rejection, judgement, shame & further isolation.

You know that time is of the essence, that you don’t want to live with regrets & that this message is heart-felt & much needed to help shift mind sets, the status quo, stereotype conditioning & division in the world you live in. You know in your heart that you are destined for more & to make an impact in this world. You want to live a life of prosperity, freedom, fulfilment & joy! You wish to live out your life purpose & leave a meaningful legacy for the generations to come and the world at large.
I hold a safe and sacred space for every woman who takes on this journey with me. Holding her heart gently and guiding her courageously to heal and be free.
Rising from her own ashes!


Your Voice, Your Power Program

12 week, 1 on 1 program

You will be given safe, sacred space and support with intensive hands on coaching to:

* Truly see, respect & accept yourself with love in the most ‘real’ sense  

* Find your voice and confidence to speak without fear

* Reclaim your power & heal your past stories that trapped you

* Awaken your gift & suppressed, beautiful message. And create a new life story

* Discover your life purpose and Legacy

* Free and celebrate yourself fully

You are ready to transform and rise like the Phoenix! 


Foundations to a fulfilled life program

1 week intensive 1 on 1 program

You will be given safe, sacred space and support with intensive hands on coaching to:

* Find your deep sense of self love and acceptance

* Embrace, express and free yourself

* Open up the stream of deep gratitude and celebration of yourself

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Rediscover You

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